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Just like a gift; a gift box is also an essential part that makes your gift presentable, attractive and pleasing to eyes. With fine printing, good-quality material and superior designing, we create outstanding gift boxes that leave a remarkable impression on the minds of receiver. Being one of the best printing companies in Dubai, we provide exclusive range of gift boxes at cost-effective prices.

Don’t Believe me?

Welcome to Orange Production, where we convert your gift boxes in a way that benefits your client and also the client/customer business relation. At Orange Production, we help the client create a customized package which differentiates the client from the rest of the identical boxes

Customized Gift Boxes

At Orange Production, we create strategies that helps the client get over the curve of their competitor's business. We build ideas with which the client’s idea can be differentiated from the rest of the products.

Customer Experience

“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design”….. Clare Muscutt,

By making a custom gift box, Orange productions help your customers think of you every time they have to send a gift to a dear one. The extra effort you took to make a custom gift box can reinforce the confidence of why they choose you.

Pros of Custom Gift Boxes

  • Positive Customer Experience
    We help the client build positive customer experience through strategies and help them gain success and more loyalty then they have now.
  • Repeat Customers
    A gift like package from anybody will always make everyone happy. And that’s what we do with the Gift Custom Boxes at Orange Production. We make the customer happy, and make them experience the love of gifting custom boxes or getting customized gift boxes. A happy customer is a repeat customer and they always come back to you at the time of gifts.
  • Cost Effective and Safety of the gift
    A high quality customized gift package is the best and most cost effective way by which the client can assure the safety of the gift.
  • More Revenue
    By improving the client and customer relations, We at Orange Production help to bring more new and loyal customers who tend to send Customized Gift boxes which in turn create a new stream of revenue.
    We give the client a brilliant unique design for Gift boxes which add personality to each gift which has a maximum effect on the customer.
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