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In schools, sports, competitions and companies, medals are widely used to highlight the top leaders and winners in their respective areas. Felicitating with medals is a great idea to boost the motivation among the people and induce them to bring desired work results. Personalized medals are available in different metals and material at Orange Productions. We deliver well-dressed and remarkable medals to the clients with fast delivery and at economical prices.

The designing and printing of the medals and trophies play a significant role. A medal or a trophy is a sign of acknowledgement and applaud of one’s efforts and achievements, and hence the quality of the medals and trophies should be supreme along with the finishing.

Orange Productions offers an exclusive range of medals and trophies with customized designing. You can get the exact kind of medal or trophy you want at Orange productions with specific size, material, and shape. With so many choices of metals, materials, and designs, the clients can add brand value, reputation and tangible value to the customized medals and trophies.

Notably, the corporate clients can earn the goodwill and loyalty of the employees by felicitating them with the personalized medals and trophies with employee name, designation, company’s logo, etc. engraved or printed over them.

At Orange Productions we strive to deliver,

  • Customized trophy and medal designs
  • Quick delivery of trophies and medals
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Customized engraved designs

Orange Productions is one of the prominent medals and trophy printing company in Dubai that offers its clients the impeccable quality of personalized medals and trophies with the most exceptional designing and printing.

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