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Communication has evolved with the evolution of technology. Print brochures are replaced with Digital video brochures in big industries and multi-corporations. These video brochure cards are compact with the LCD screen attached in the brochure. The sleek LCD screen serves a great purpose of communicating important messages of the company to the prospective clients through an audio-visual medium. It makes the client easily absorb the information and create a lasting image of the company into his/her mind.

Custom Video Brochures are widely used for presentations, promotions, invitations, retail marketing, recruitment direct marketing, selling, training, corporate reports, educational modules, training modules, etc.

With the scope of video brochure marketing, delivering messages and information has become livelier by converting the text messages and information into the audio-visual video. Creative photography and animation are also added up as a great benefit in the brochure with a video screen. LCD video brochure card is very engaging and puts an immediate impact on the onlooker. Video business card has come up as a great tool to arouse interests among the target clients in your business and attract them towards the goods and services you deal in.

Being a multi-medium, a video holds the power of grabbing the attention of the viewers much more than the plain text. According to Science, the Human mind processes the video approximately around 60,000 times quicker than text. Orange Productions, seeing the utility and demand of the video brochure has emerged as the leading LCD video brochure supplier in Dubai. We provide excellent quality Lcd video brochure card in Dubai with


  • High-resolution LCD video screen
  • Reasonable video brochure costs
  • Re-usability of Digital video business card and video brochures
  • Interactive video brochure design
  • Attractive foldable cover for Brochure design video
  • Customizable screen with different sizes

We, at Orange Productions, offer a variety of video brochures designs with different concepts to our clients to let them choose the most suitable one for their business and boost its growth with this effective tool of marketing.

  • Like video brochures, LCD business cards have also become very popular as it integrates an LCD and a speaker implanted into a customary dimensioned business card format. These LCD business cards are versatile, convenient and affordable and offer an interactive way of swapping contact information. It is a great way of making new connection and builds networks.
  • Promotional video brochure creates a lasting impression of the brand and serves its purpose of promoting the brand and the products effectively. Unlike printed booklet brochures, in promotional video brochures, you don’t have to print number of pages in the booklet highlighting the various aspects of your business; instead you get an opportunity to make creative short videos that represents your business from different angles.
  • As compared to the conventional brochures, the Video brochures are versatile and proficient in communicating the message to the prospective clients, in a way the Video brochure price is also justifiable and cost-effective.
  • Video visiting card is an impressive tool of making networks and engaging people in checking out the short video about your business. Visiting card videos are recorded in a creative way where you can present the major areas of your business along with products and services in an effective way.
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